Currently work in progress (As is the rest of the game I guess, so this is a pointless disclaimer) Lets finally talk melee! There are two attack combos. High attacks with the Left click and low attacks with the right. There are corresponding guard states … Continue readingSword

Wall grab and slide

I wanted to develop the wall jump mechanic further. A simple wall jump was nice in combat. However, with more work focused on the platforming aspects of NV, as well as larger maps, I needed something to help with verticality. Mainly, how players will scale … Continue readingWall grab and slide

Game mode rework

The game modes have been slightly reworked, and all game modes from now on will follow a similar concept. All modes now have environmental challenges as well as enemies. So players can turn it into a PvP, or PvE up to how they wish to … Continue readingGame mode rework


Enemy movement: The way I set up the colliders on the enemies and the way I was handling movement was draining a lot of processing. It would pretty much kill my fps with more than 30 enemies. I have optimized the way it moves and … Continue readingOptimization

Road to Steam pt.1

Yeah… You can say it has been a rough couple of weeks.   Oddly enough, none of my problems came from Steam! It’s just that… Well, I suck at programming you see… But anyway, It all began with Steamworks¬† Paid the submission fee and tax … Continue readingRoad to Steam pt.1

Combat systems

  First of the many gameplay videos for Neon Valley: Revenge. With this, I wanted to showcase the combat mechanics. But there is more than what the video shows. There are six item types that can be taken on the battlefield. These are meant to … Continue readingCombat systems