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A dystopic world, oppressive governments, unstoppable corporations and the death of free internet… What else is left but to battle in a cyber colosseum? Neon Valley: Revenge is an online multiplayer shooter with a cyberpunk and retrowave design influence. Taking place in the last bastion of free internet, players escape from their oppressive world through the digital city of The Mainframe. Explore simulated pleasures, battle in The Colosseum, discover hidden truths. Meanwhile, a hidden war rages in the shadows; in the peripheral of perception.



Health and shield system inspired by Halo: Combat Evolved

Agile movement: Walljumping, dashing, sliding and air control

Assortment of weapons and gadgets

Character customization

Puzzles and secrets

Skill and style based scoring system

Arcade inspired game modes and high score leaderboards

Online multiplayer

Neo 80s design and synthwave music



Neon Valley is a project I have worked on the last 5-6 years. Mostly in my free time and a lot of the time which should have been my sleep. As I am by training an artist and designer I had to learn to program, so I could begin developing my own ideas. This project was for that purpose but as it developed I was drawn to its potential. Thus, I took it to the next level, I revamped a lot of the art and turned it into a somewhat full-fledged game. Or at the least, that became my goal. Neon Valley transformed from a small prototype shooter into an online multiplayer game. Furthermore, I began exploring themes and discussions brought up by cyberpunk. Ideas that include dystopias, artificial intelligence, shadow governments, of freedom and identity, and more.

For this, I delved deeper into not only C# programming in Unity but also how to program multiplayer networking. Beyond that also, VFX, designing game mechanics, lighting, UI design, and more. So it has been a rough few years for this little artist, something very out of my comfort zone. It was not the straightforward projects of my 14yr old self. But I love it none the less and am very excited to present my figurative but-also-kind-of-literal blood sweat and tears.



I wish to tailor-make a competitive online shooter that allows a diverse variety of gameplay styles. Set in the archives of a locked and monitored internet. Wherein I can explore the meaning of the internet for our society and the importance of information in a digital age.


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