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The two latest gadgets added were the Push nade and Boost pad. Let me talk about this a little bit before going into future ideas. So, these latest items were added to increase movement options in the game for platforming sake. However, they are designed with the addition of melee weapons in mind. I had items such as the shield or the pulse to defend against bullets, however, there wasn’t anything to counter melee weapons.

The pulse nade will push away any bullets or players which touch its trigger zone. Enough to disengage an enemy combatant or simply to redirect bullets aimed at you. Similarly, the Boost pad can be placed in the way of an enemy to launch them into another direction. As with other items, I have designed these with a purpose in mind but also secondary uses. The boost pad is obviously for terrain traversal as its main purpose, with melee counter as secondary. The Push nade uses its utility for defensive purposes but with a bit of practice can be applied for terrain traversal as well.

With all that said, future item ideas will follow suit. Multiple applications and, at least the next couple of items, will be designed with melee weapons in mind. Both for countering melee players, but also items which support melee weapon users.

Some item ideas in the works:

Tether – Gadget to draw a line between two points, creating a sort of tripwire. Stopping player movement. Secondary use: Tethering a player to a point of choosing, they cannot move further than the max distance of the tether.

Note to self: A good chance to test out spodormon-like swing mechanics!

High speed impact dampener – Activates a boost towards the battle suits personal shield temporarily. Effectively negating damage from high speed impacts. At the cost of being unable to block against low speed impact. Blocks bullets but swords slip right through. (Kara kesh anybody? wink wink) Doubles as a useful shield for a gunner too, as a counter to Railgun shots and other bullets.

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