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The game modes have been slightly reworked, and all game modes from now on will follow a similar concept. All modes now have environmental challenges as well as enemies. So players can turn it into a PvP, or PvE up to how they wish to play. This way the solo players can still attempt the challenges and when other players show up the game adapts to a PvP challenge… or not. Furthermore, each mode rewards players who work together as much as it rewards your ability to outplay other contenders. Each map already has its pre-spawned drones who are meant as environmental challenges. They patrol the main areas and are a small but effective obstacle for the users to take into account.



If the game only has one player after 60 seconds the invaders begin spawning. They are relentless and will track down players at random. These enemies must be taken down and for each kill, you will be rewarded. As many of them will spawn, the users could cooperate to stop the invasion. The better they perform the more points they as a collective can obtain. However, if you can kill both the drones and other players… Well, you will probably get the most points. Towards the end of the game, blocks will spawn which reduce the field. Forcing players closer together increasing the intensity I suppose.


Floor is lava

Moving to the hillpoints are the main objectives. The faster you reach the waypoint the higher score multiplication. Players are rewarded if other players reach the point before it moves. This is to reward cooperative gameplay but of course, pushing other players off the map into the fiery death lava below also rewards you with points. Beware the fireballs! The lava spawns fireballs which track you down and will pretty much make you explode. The number of these spawn at random, don’t let them catch you off guard!



The sky is falling! The mainframe is attacked by viruses and they have successfully breached the firewall. The sky is falling as a result of the virus attack and they are breaching through the hole in the sky. The viruses are very dangerous, they will corrupt you on contact and can only be deactivated if damaged during attack mode. Grabbing these and moving them to designated waypoints for quarantine will reward the scorer with points depending on their efficiency. Also… I wasn’t kidding with that sky is falling part. Giant chunks of data objects are falling from the cyberspace rift. These will crush you however you can scale them as they are falling to retrieve objects or maybe reach higher areas… hint hint hint new game mode idea in the works.

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