NV: Commands


Modes & Maps – There are multiple game modes and maps available to play. The playlist randomly switches between them but there are vote commands for you.



Followed by – dm, lava or data


Followed by – taiyo, cube or monolith



There is an option to kick players using /votekick Name as well. There are bound to be hackers, especially with a game of this theme. I hope it doesn’t get abused but either way I hope you guys can roleplay along and pretend it’s thematic instead of getting pissed at me *Insert sadface*


Weapon loadouts can be changed in the Main Menu -> Gear tab. They are all available during early access. There will be changes to weapons access in full release when “black market backers” are properly introduced. So try them out while you can and help me develop/design them!


Highscores are saved at the end of each round and uploaded to the database. You can view them in the Highscores tab! They are refreshed every time theres an input so it should be pretty “live” If its not updating there might be some changes to the database im working on.


Some stuff are still // undermaintenance // – Authorities are scanning code and systems set to minimal functionality – // warning // Nah seriously a lot of the features are basic functionality to show off my vision for Neon Valley and I will be continuously polishing them the next few months. Sorry in advance for any inconvenience!


Other shortcuts  I for Invert, O for spectate view, P for fps counter.


Controls are currently non-customizable

Keys Description
WASD Movement
Double tap directional/Shift Dash and sprint
Q 3rd/1st POV switch
Z Switch shoulder
R Reload
123456 / Scroll wheel Weapon switch
Space Jump
Space + Wall Walljump
Left/Right mouse Shoot/Zoom
Esc Help menu/Quit
Y All Chat
TAB Score panel