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Currently work in progress (As is the rest of the game I guess, so this is a pointless disclaimer)

Lets finally talk melee!

There are two attack combos. High attacks with the Left click and low attacks with the right. There are corresponding guard states to block enemy melee attacks. Moreover, attacks will slide the character forward as a gap closer. Holding the forward direction will lengthen the distance of the slide, whilst holding the backward direction will shorten the distance.

Slide attack and Jump attacks are a part of the melee move set as well. The slide covers the most distance, optimal gap closer vs gun users. The jump attack allows for reaching players in the air or on a higher up platform. However, the jump and slide attacks are also useful simply for platforming uses. Covering long gaps between structures or reaching platforms unreachable with a regular jump.

Players can create their own combos by mixing left and right clicks, throwing in the slide and jump attacks in between, etc.

Switching shoulders with the melee will mirror the stance and attacks. The hitbox is located to off to the side of the character as they slash, thus switching the stance of your character is useful if the enemy is on the other side.

Guarding will deflect bullets and, albeit very difficult, it is possible to deflect a bullet with an attack… Samurai style!

Now with all these mechanics, it would seem that melee is far superior… yeah right don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. Unless that is if you are a ninja. A primary weapon can still kill in 1-2 shots, putting a melee user at a sheer disadvantage. Though with the various attacks in the melee kit, one can dodge and deflect bullets while closing that gap. Once in melee range, its practically game over for the gunner.

Currently, the features are implemented but need a lot of testing and fine tweaking. Potentially reworking some of the animations in the future as I am not so happy with the High attack combos. It doesn’t match the sexiness and ninja feel of the Low attack combo.

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