Wall grab and slide

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I wanted to develop the wall jump mechanic further. A simple wall jump was nice in combat. However, with more work focused on the platforming aspects of NV, as well as larger maps, I needed something to help with verticality. Mainly, how players will scale larger buildings and structures due to the stamina limit. So, here is the wall slide mechanic:

Inspired by Megaman’s wall slide (and the many other epic games that use it obviously, but hey Megaman is cyberpunk baby) This mechanic is designed to give players a momentarily rest, to recharge their stamina, at the risk of being an easy target. Currently, the player is able to turn around freely, however, still missing the wall grab animations that go with it as the title of this post suggests.

The wall slide lets you move horizontally as well as vertically. This mechanic allows you to stick to a wall around corners. This helps the player be precise with wall jumps and controlling when/where to wall jump. It might be more control than I would like and in the future, if that is the case, I will put some movement limitations so a player won’t stick to walls like spiderman.

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