The Mainframe features and the Multipass

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We see here the multipass in their natural habitat. Grazing the cyberspace giving access to those who wield it. Starting from the right at 1k points from the floor is lava for the red pass. The blue multipass at 2k from time trial course. 3k points defending against the invaders granting the purple pass. Lastly, the silver master multipass rewarded for winning consecutively in the Arena or 1k points in the Colosseum.

The various multipass types unlock the different features of the Mainframe. Following the same order, they unlock the weapon testing terminal; the planetarium viewing centre; character customization at Grind me Gears building. The silver multipass unlocks access to them all. A few features still in the works is access to a personal lounge, access to the thirsty coin slot and a mini-game arcade hall in quarters.

The following article will talk more about character customization and the additions to that. Until then! Keep tuned 😀


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