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Information is power. Especially in this day and age. However, most people don’t fully understand this. Not only giving up their power freely but often ignorant of what they are giving up. In Neon Valley, the Dragons understand this very well. They will reward Gladiators with weapons, gadgets, accessories and in the future also skins; in return for information. Info in the form of USB drives, the digital representation of compressed and encrypted data.

Experienced gladiators would know of hidden secrets in their colosseum. As well as, special rewards for high ranking players. These items are referred to as Links. Or Hyperlinks, for those who remember the Silver age of technology. Collecting these for the Dragons is rumored to be the real cause for the colosseum and gladiators, the entertainment part was a bonus.

However, there are those who know the full truth. Seek and you shall find…

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