Character customization

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Well well well… Here it is. One of the features I have been waiting to do. The current customization options are very basic, though this is mostly to set up for further customization down the line. The customization options are unlocked with the purple multipass and the silver multipass. With these clearance passes enter The Mainframe and look for the Grind ‘me’ Gears building.

The customizable parts right now are the head, left shoulder and forearms. As seen in the picture above they look like some kind of virtual gladiator accessories. With visors and headphones, large shoulder armour and gauntlets. However, I want to accessorize the item pack on his waist as well as the canister. On the right shoulder, I want to add a function to have some sort of symbol or icon. Something I can tie into clans in the future. Other things are scarves, chest accessories, belt items and more.

The idea is to eventually add more and give players access depending on their in-game infamy. So, if they reach certain a score, completed some hidden challenges, a leader in the high score list, etc, etc, so on and so fifth. Unlocking specific styles or tiers or items as they do cool shit.

Here are some of the current designs: