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I couldn’t take it anymore. The character design has been grinding on me since the start. As I’ve upgraded the vfx, shaders and general visual design of the game the character has remained unchanged for 4 years or so now… I have designed a new character, the concept is ready to be transformed into its 3D version. But I want that done right, so I am leaving that for later as I focus on more important gameplay elements. Though, as I said… I couldn’t take it anymore.

So, I designed a new helmet for the character! This helmet also comes with new materials for the character’s body, and new walking animations (something which I will talk about in another post) These changes should temporarily alleviate the quality difference between the character and the rest of the game. My aim is to make the game feel and look nicer, now that the character is brought closer to the same visual level as the rest of Neon Valley.

Talking about the helmet design. I hope someone out there notices its design similarities with Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040. One of the animes I watched as a youngin which had awesome cyberpunk elements, looking back at it now. Now that I understand what cyberpunk is… More helmets inspired by this anime will show up over time to make some sort of helmet set 🙂 

Here is some work in progress images, to show quickly the steps in designing this helmet.

From the base structure, I tweaked the wireframe and modify the shape into the rough shapes I wanted. From that point on I refined those shapes and gave a little detail.
Up next was just UV mapping, didn’t take any screenies of that though.

lastly was the materials and textures as well as assembling everything into Unity. I was inspired to have a warped image effect for the Visors material, as I was inspired by some of the mask designs in Absolver. This is the final result… which you already saw up in the post but that’s usually how people end these mini art progress showcases no?

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