The Underground

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Added the first bar to Neon Valley. Welcome to The Underground. The central meet up of acclaimed gladiators. Once upon a time, an invite-only club. Since the boom of The Colosseum, it has opened its doors to any multipass holder. That is if they find it.

Below the graffiti are the amazing classical works by Toyohara Kunichika and Utagawa Kuniyoshi of characters from historical Japan.

This is the first bar, central to the world-building and story elements I am working on. Here I can test out all of the scripts for NPC, room layouts, and other necessary mechanics. More to come! This is a part of the first steps in world-building. My focus for this year as I start to close early access and move into release phase! (It will take some time still)

Above I tease the first NPC, more on that in a future post 🙂 I am working with a voice actor to develop this character further and well… be patient!

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