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From the get-go, The Mainframe is meant to be a representation of the best parts of the internet. In resistance against a corporate-controlled web, devoid of real expression. And somewhat hopeful angle, in contrast to the usual dreary vibe of Cyberpunk. I originally intended to design the majority of the level by hand but realized there was a better way. One which would closer fit the original intention. That is to display art, both 2d and 3d, made by people on the internet. Something too obvious to me now (facepalm).


This would better reflect The Mainframe as a celebration of an art driven community.  As is my intention, to show off awesome work by the 3D artists, illustrators, and musicians on the net. Giving their work a place to stand out in a digital art gallery-like place. Simultaneously developing the themes of cyberpunk, as well as representing an image of what the outside world, within the NV lore, looks like.

These are just some tasters, I have multitudes ready. Busy hand placing each one and giving each of them the right locations. All of these artists works are credited right next to them with little holographic info panels! Check it out and find more of their work 🙂

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