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Basic directional movement

Fast movement, very snappy. Great for evasive maneuvers.


Very fast forward movement but limited directional speed. Constantly drains stamina and unable to fire whilst in sprint.


The standard jump… This animation needs to be reworked too. *Adds to the list of to-do’s*

Okay now that we are done with the normie mechanics…


Air Control

Complete directional air control movement. Gives the player evasive capability in air. Used correctly increases unpredictable movement in all areas. To dodge bullets like Neo and able to position yourself advantageously.



Reactive dodge used to avoid incoming fire. Also doubles as a method of reaching the next wall, following up with a wall jump. As a gap closer or to distance yourself from the enemy.



Wall jump

The basic wall jump allows you to jump off walls, like so.


Currently wall jumping can be done in two ways:


Side to side


One sided climb


The current wall jump will be replaced with a more refined method. One that gives the player a directional boost away from the wall. Slightly reducing players reactive controls but increasing the wall jumps movement capability.


Whilst in air, following a wall jump the player is rewarded with extra movement speed. Paired with the players skill in stamina management, this ability allows the player to jump from wall to wall. Giving easier access to higher ground, evading attacks. As well as increasing movement speed for traversing the environment.


UEC – Ultimate evasive combat comes from mastery of wall jumping, air control and dashing. Combined these skills give the player full aerial movement control. Making them seemingly as light as a feather and untouchable… at least until their stamina runs out.


Imagine two masters encounter each other, In high speed pursuit, using instant reactions of dashing and wall jumping. Evading fire while simultaneously repositioning for cleaner shooting angles. Not once touching the floor like badass ninjas in a bamboo forest…



How to not run

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