Accidental art pt.2

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This week I made two new art pieces, one inspired by vaporwave and the other by blade runner (This movie took it to a whole new level, F the haters) After that specific scene in the movie I just couldn’t get this image out of my head… I had to do something with it. While I’m not fully happy with how it turned out because I rushed this piece… The material does not do it very much justice and the composition is totally out of whack…


But I will work on it more in the future, I just really really have to get back to bug fixing!



This one was pretty straightforward to make. I used a head model from a previous project and simply applied a rock texture with an emissive texture on top. The emissive layer is only there for the glowing wireframe, essentially digitizing the statue.



Second is the vaporwave inspired one. At first, I wanted to have bright pink lighting with the vaporwave look. However, after playing with different materials an idea popped into my mind. As in accordance with the title, this was accidental art. I decided then to use all these different materials to create a more eye-catching art piece.



Here have a still



I made this with just a cube, stuffed into the ground to make the pyramid shape… #lazy. Then I used the emissive textures I am using for pretty much all materials in the game. To make the gif I cycled through various emissive textures finding the ones that suited the look I was after.



Tune in for more accidental art next week! Also, expect talk game pt 2 tomorrow





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