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Interviewer: Hello everyone! We are here today with, well how about you guys introduce yourselves.

(Me) Jonathan D: Hi guys I’m Jonathan Doorenbosch, Daydream productions CEO. Some know me online also as Melloe. I am Lead developer of Neon Valley: Revenge.

(Me) Artist: Hi guys I’m Jonathan Doorenbosch, the friendly neighborhood artist! I oversee the designs and art production here at dp for Neon Valley: Revenge.

(Me) Programmer: Jonathan Doorenbosch here. What do I do? System architecture, networking and security. While these guys were busy frolicking with their neon cotton candy sweatshirts… I was designing digital infrastructure, operational database. I was one click away from reducing Neon Valley to a pile of used 1’s and 0’s left in the corner of a trash can.

(Also me) Interviewer: Uhm… Yes. Okay enough of that silicon implant bit.



Neon Valley: Revenge is a solo project of mine. Something I’ve been developing for the last three years in my free time. I started with an art background, from making pixel art to 3D, but no expertise in programming.

So I picked up c#, object oriented programming and Unity to develop Neon Valley: Revenge. It took me a couple years to get the hang of it and I still have a ways to go. However, I am planning to write a post on its own with a more in depth view; concerning how I learned programming and developed Neon Valley: Revenge. Hopefully this will shed some light for other artists or would be game devs on how they can get started.

I digress…



I’ve designed the UI, sound effects, levels and game assets. A lot are unpolished or are placeholders, updates will happen to all of them! Though, all this is far from only my own work. There have been many awesome people who have helped me on my pilgrimage to the digiscape of Neon Valley. So let me take a moment here to mention them 😀


David Belli – Animator genius who helped me setup the hell that is mecanim. Hes also taught me animation so there’s that. Hes making awesome animations you people should look at


Wouter De Vries – I guess he’s the QA tester and organizer… If that’s not a thing it is now. He found a lot of the musicians, helped build the first level, QA testing and organizing QA testing documents.

Anna Adenlöf – QA tester, web designer and all round life saver. Set up the forum, helped fix the website and also a hero game tester. She is an awesome artist check out her work at


Andre Ibrahim – Idea trampoline guy. Helped me refine the concept of the Neon Valley world. This guy needs to make a website that I can link to but for now you hear of his name. Begin his mysterious online infamy here people!


“QA tested, quality denied”

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