Road to Steam pt.1

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Yeah… You can say it has been a rough couple of weeks.


Oddly enough, none of my problems came from Steam! It’s just that… Well, I suck at programming you see… But anyway, It all began with Steamworks 

Paid the submission fee and tax information. Within 3 days they got back to me and I was accepted! Step 1 complete. Step 2, setting up the page went very smooth through their Steamworks Partner website. I managed to set up the page within a couple hours! Everything was so straightforward, I didn’t even need any tutorials. Then came the SDK.

The Steamworks SDK needs the Steamworks.NET added to your build. From the tutorial on the website, I got it installed and connecting to my account within minutes. Adding the game build to my steam game ID was as straightforward as this video.

Sent up the game page and build for a review! They got back to me, concerning the page, within 2 days. Approved!

I gave keys to some friends in order to test the game…
And so began the spiral down madness lane…

This one error sent me to places the mind should not go… This error turned out to be a desync of the network objects… ie… EVERYTHING. Because of this desync… EVERYTHING BROKE. It was like fixing 30 invisible errors while blind.

At this point I was trying to keep my cool, the faint voices of panic and depression whispering in the background. I need to record gameplay for steam, I’ve sent keys to some youtubers…. And it would all be for nothing if the game can’t even be played.


After a whole day of ripping my hair out and bashing my face against a wall. We found it! One of the scripts was looking for an object that didn’t exist. This one “Null reference” halted the entire Player stats script. One of the core scripts of the entire game and the networking. Because this script halted, it cascaded down in a beautiful orchestra of misery. Destroying the game control, shooting scripts, player position, and well long story short. EVERYTHING.


But you know what I say. If you are gonna fail, fail gloriously


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