Mainframe gate challenges

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Single player game modes AKA Gate challenges

Currently, they are only accessible through The Mainframe. This is due to the focus on releasing the demo version, so I have put my focus on finishing these game modes in the demoscene. However, I have adjusted the game modes in the main game to accommodate solo players. More on that in another post.

Let’s get down to bidniz, the game modes are as follows:

The floor is lava – I have made changes to the floor is lava to be objective oriented. Just like before you get points based on survival time with bonuses on skilful gameplay. However, now you must get from point to point and there will be rewards in supporting fellow competitors reach a point. This is again to promote positive competition and I plan to include changes such as this to all of my game modes one way or another.


Time trial course – Following a set course players race to complete each waypoint as fast as possible. With bonus points on not touching the ground. A fireball the “hunter” is spawned to chase you and will kill on hit. An electric shield the “guard” is spawned in front of each waypoint to hinder your path, which also kills on contact. I am working on a method to reward players for helping their competitors either by grappling them when they fall or creating a platform to help them reach the waypoint. This is to promote positive competition, something which I am trying to push forward in my game modes.


Invader defence – New attack drones! They hunt you down in groups mercilessly. No seriously, I think it’s a bit too difficult right now but hey that’s the challenge right? The drones enter neon valley through portals as they breach through the firewall. Players are rewarded for each drone kill and there will be rewards for defending your fellow players. The enemies are relentless so make sure to always keep on the move.

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