Fixed Shooting and Added Gunspray

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Before shooing worked with randomized spray-patterns, which is something I really hated but it was just a quick implementation. *yawn* basically it sprayed bullets like in fortnight, without any set patterns, but now it has been re-designed to shoot like a *normal* shooter where the first bullet is accurate and the more you fire the less accurate it gets.  I’ve also fixed shooting accuracy where before, with switching to the left shoulder, the bullets seemed inaccurate because of the angle of fire, now with a mirror character, this has fixed this issue, so shooting from both shoulders will feel more accurate in relation to your crosshairs.

I need to develop this further so it adjusts accuracy with dashing and wall jumping as well. that’s not happening right now. Though, that said I want this game to be fast-paced and not that you have to stand still or crouch to be accurate. So I am debating how to design this further and to what extent I need to change the accuracy. The reason why there is accuracy like this in the first place is to offset the overpowered-ness of spray weapons. In almost all shooters spray weapons are significantly more powerful aside from the one-shot weapons. So the goal is to make something like the SMG more powerful at close range but not that you can snipe spray someone. This goal is completed with the current system however when I add assault rifles it might make them nearly un-useable.

Here are some before and after images



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