Designing the Mainframe

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The idea for this city, and in extension my game, is based on everything neo 80s. From Tron, neo tokyo, retrowave and the amazing genre that is cyberpunk. A bright visual design with magenta and cyan neon lights. To tie this in with the game’s concept, that being a cyberspace and the city being a literal mainframe…┬áThe city layout is based on the motherboard of a computer. The cyberspace representation of a computer network hub.



Started out designing the buildings for the skyline. The skyline is probably the most important part so, that was my reasoning for a starting point.




First texture draft to block out “eye feel”


New textures


Building the skyline, added water and terrain for better environment feel


Started adding big assets


Big assets such as a Highscore screen, forest area, water cooling, weapon display area and some previous monuments.


Smaller props


And to present it all Wouter De Vries helped me set up a dolly cam track using Unity Cinemachine assets


One last post-processing pass


And I present to you… The Mainframe


Playable demo

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