Neon Valley: Revenge

The world is a bleak vision…

Governments have won the Cyberwar. Monitoring and restricting users. The dark web is dead. Oppression runs rampant as governments assert dominance and control over free speech. There is no propaganda. There is no sugar-coating this. There is no need when they have won. We work to fuel the system, to keep their corporate structure alive… In return, we are not replaced by machines.

Then came a transmission. An access key within an encrypted program. The invitation to Neon Valley.

Attached is a short message:


“The hub for underground skill junkies, code jockeys, digital cosmetics, synthetic psychoactives. Meet in anonymity to share ideas, join our colosseum for prizes or glory and rebel against the Organization!”


Rogue hackers found a flaw in the net code! They built a safe haven within the governments’ web, untouchable by their firewalls and security protocols.



The new frontier Neon Valley. A place free from the grips of the government, a place where humanity indulges. This is where black market trades are done, where secrets are shared and ideas, outlawed by the government, discussed. A world where the good and the bad coexist as the last of the free.


While some support the rebellion from the shadows… Others profit off the black market and their affairs… This is a place of entertainment where most come to conquer the battlegrounds. To prove their skills above all others in the new frontier and obtain infamy. For some of our ambitions never fade through the ages and will not fall to a regime.


At the core of Neon Valley, the Colosseum exists. On the surface, it thrives as an entertainment complex. As challenges for skill junkies. As a platform to notoriety. But the Colosseum fuels this virtual world. It draws in new challengers all over the world and with this comes opportunity. The black market programmers use it to test virtual weapons. Dealers barter and wager on the outcome of battles. Designers display their latest fashion code. Map editors design intricate battlegrounds. At the centre lies you. The user. Will you show the world what you’ve got?



Here users compete with Battle Avatar Suits. A program interface which a user takes control of, giving them freedom of movement and an assortment of items. Items which they take onto the field for lethal or defensive purposes. Users battle to unlock new gear, increasing their prowess on the battlegrounds, climbing to reach the top of the leaderboards.


Various suits unlock over time to increase options available to the player. Giving them better choices in their stats and style.



Players have numerous weapons at their disposal, from pistols to rifles, customizing them to use lasers or ricochet bullets. Numerous gadgets are available too, from gravity modifiers to teleportation tools. Abilities that create shields or grapple hooks. Winning gets support from anonymous arms dealers unlocking more tools at your disposal. As your victories are not only your own but many of the black market users who bet on your wins and losses.


The underground workshop is always working on new functions for battle items which, once completed, will be available for your arsenal. They often host matches to test their experimental designs prior to release.



Many battlegrounds are available and each provides their own environmental challenges. Designed to cater to certain playstyles while testing others.  Ranging from close quarters to large monolithic structures perfect for vertical gameplay. Numerous new battleground designs are continually being developed, and with successive firmware updates, they will become available.



The battle network allows options for various modes. Classic deathmatch where users battle in free-for-all showdowns. Floor is lava, challenging players to be agile as they jump from wall to wall to survive. Data run, an escort style game mode favouring agility and the players’ speed and evasion control. Plenty modes are made by the black market operators to increase the stakes in their Colosseum and users will get the chance to try them out once codes are compiled.



Drones come in two types: Ground-based and Sky-based. Referred as Turtle and Hornet, they are security drones set up by the firewall. Though the spaces have been freed, there are some security systems permanently built into the firmware that cannot be avoided. These drones are capable of small-arms tier fire which do little damage. However, due to their numbers and tough defence, attacked by multiple will prove straining on defensive capabilities.






Much like the Colosseum of age-old, these battlegrounds are not only for wins or losses. What matters more is entertainment value. The watchers and players of this land value skill and style above all else. Scoring is counted based on skilful takedowns or “frags” but multiplied by style points. Style points such as the player expertly killing with a ricochet or a takedown combined with several utility gadgets.


Join the digital frontier of Neon Valley and claim your place at the top!





Keep updated on Neon Valleys underground workshop progress here




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  1. Dude, this actually looks amazing. I can already tell I will absolutely love this if/when you release it! Good job, man!

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