The Underground

Added the first bar to Neon Valley. Welcome to The Underground. The central meet up of acclaimed gladiators. Once upon a time, an invite-only club. Since the boom of The Colosseum, it has opened its doors to any multipass holder. That is if they find … Continue readingThe Underground

Mainframe Art showcase

From the get-go, The Mainframe is meant to be a representation of the best parts of the internet. In resistance against a corporate-controlled web, devoid of real expression. And somewhat hopeful angle, in contrast to the usual dreary vibe of Cyberpunk. I originally intended to … Continue readingMainframe Art showcase

Accidental art pt.3

After playing the heck out of Hyperlight Drifter. I was inspired by the feeling of living technology. So I made these pulsating prisms, the lights pulse on and off with a steady rhythm. It contrasts nicely with the thunder ripping away in the background.   … Continue readingAccidental art pt.3

Accidental art

Making screenshots yesterday of Neon Valley. Busy preparing images for marketing. As per usual you get bored and so I started playing around with my scenes… Realized that with the graphics, implemented in Neon Valley: Revenge, I can relatively easily make artsy environment art. A … Continue readingAccidental art