Combat systems

  First of the many gameplay videos for Neon Valley: Revenge. With this, I wanted to showcase the combat mechanics. But there is more than what the video shows. There are six item types that can be taken on the battlefield. These are meant to … Continue readingCombat systems

Movement systems

MOVEMENT   Basic directional movement Fast movement, very snappy. Great for evasive maneuvers. Sprinting Very fast forward movement but limited directional speed. Constantly drains stamina and unable to fire whilst in sprint. Jumping The standard jump… This animation needs to be reworked too. *Adds to … Continue readingMovement systems

Meet the team!

Interviewer: Hello everyone! We are here today with, well how about you guys introduce yourselves. (Me) Jonathan D: Hi guys I’m Jonathan Doorenbosch, Daydream productions CEO. Some know me online also as Melloe. I am Lead developer of Neon Valley: Revenge. (Me) Artist: Hi guys I’m Jonathan Doorenbosch, the … Continue readingMeet the team!

Accidental art

Making screenshots yesterday of Neon Valley. Busy preparing images for marketing. As per usual you get bored and so I started playing around with my scenes… Realized that with the graphics, implemented in Neon Valley: Revenge, I can relatively easily make artsy environment art. A … Continue readingAccidental art